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2023 BrightStar Awards

2023 BrightStar Awards

AUSTIN, Texas (May 23, 2023)Fluence, a leading global provider of energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for commercial cannabis and food production, is honored to have several of our products be the recipients of LEDs Magazine 2023 BrightStar Awards.

LEDs Magazine 2023 BrightStar Award recognizes ingenuity in commercial product offerings across the LED and solid-state lighting supply chain, as determined by a panel of industry experts in design, manufacturing, and market development.

Our two products, SPYDR 2h and VYNE, both were selected as an honoree in the category of Horticultural SSL and Control Systems by a panel of industry experts. This particular category includes packaged LEDs that deliver wavelengths specifically designed to support plant health and growing operations; finished SSL fixtures for horticultural, agricultural, livestock, and cannabis operations; lighting product and control ecosystems that monitor and adjust light for programmed conditions.

We at Fluence cannot express enough how honored and thrilled we are to receive these two awards for these fantastic products.

Learn more about how SPYDR 2h and VYNE and be used in your grows and help you achieve the desired results you want with your business.