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Innovator Spotlight:
Proper Cannabis

Rock Hill, Missouri

How LEDs are advancing the first state licensed facility to both grow and manufacture the highest-quality cannabis in Missouri

In early 2021, Proper Cannabis became the first fully vertical medical marijuana company to earn a Missouri state license for growing and manufacturing cannabis in the same location. The 90,000-square-foot facility is powered by award-winning cultivation experts, hand-selected genetics, and a careful human touch to ensure a consistent high standard of quality from heirloom strains to the latest exotics. Fluence’s advanced LED fixtures illuminate 20,000-square-feet of the cannabis canopy in Proper’s cultivation rooms, enabling the company to improve plant production and develop a variety of medicinal products under three unique brands.

Project Overview

Cultivator Name:Proper Cannabis
Location:Rock Hill, Missouri
Fluence fixture: SPYDR 2
• Light intensity: 950 µmol/m²/s
• Spectra: Physiospec Indoor (BW4)
Facility type: Indoor Multi-Tier Facility
• 2 - Tier Flower
• 3 - Tier Veg
Regional DLI:9.1 (December) — 29.8 (June)
Results:• 10% more biomass than predicted (60g/ft2)
• Reduction of heat and microclimates in grow room
• Received $500,000 in rebates through Fluence LEDs and other facility enhancements


High consumer demand


Environmental consistency


Production volume

Increasing Yield and Quality through Best Practices and Technology

Missouri-based Proper Cannabis proudly grows some of the highest-quality cannabis in the U.S., cultivating its premium flower for potency, optimum yield, and superior terpene production. For more than a decade, the Proper Cannabis team gained valuable industry insights while growing under single-rack HPS lighting in Colorado, and now have brought their knowledge and expertise to Missouri’s new and burgeoning cannabis industry.

The expert growers at Proper Cannabis have been following cultivation technology for more than a decade and have witnessed the ever-increasing efficacy, efficiency, and multilateral capabilities of LED technology since 2016. They knew they could more efficiently grow better cannabis while using the same space, but the results surpassed even their highest expectations.

Parlaying a Massive Rebateinto Continued Success

Our partners said it best: “We were convinced so quickly [by Fluence LEDs].” In fact, the first harvest for Proper Cannabis under LEDs yielded 10% more biomass (60 grams/ft2) than anticipated. The “Purple Punch [is] twice the size as it was in Colorado; strains that didn’t used to fill out…are filling out and stacking better.” 

What is most remarkable: Proper Cannabis is “producing double what [they] did with legacy lighting and racking systems” and “all in the same cubic footage.”

Furthermore, Fluence LEDs have mitigated heating issues and eliminated microclimates that are typical with legacy systems. Improvements to plant health and overall yield have convinced the expert growers at Proper Cannabis that they made the best decision to upgrade to LED technology. After successfully completing its first harvest, Proper Cannabis introduced its premium products to happy Missouri customers on April 20, 2021.

Proper Cannabis secured a $500,000 rebate through its innovative use of Fluence LED lighting technology and other facility enhancements, then used the rebate to create additional efficiencies and automation processes, including state-of-the-art air purification measures to protect against pathogens. Proper Cannabis is positioned to be a leader and paragon not only in the expanding Missouri cannabis market but also for growers and facilities nationwide.

10% more biomass than predicted (60g/ft2)

Reduction of heat and microclimates in cultivation rooms

Received $500,000 in rebates through Fluence LEDs and other facility enhancements 

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