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Commercial food cultivators turn to Fluence LED grow light solutions for a competitive edge in yield consistency and quality to delight consumers’ increasingly refined palates. Designed to provide high levels of precise photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) ideal for commercial food crops without the prohibitive energy consumption of older systems, Fluence LED horticultural lights will have cultivators producing higher, more consistent yields of delicious, nutritionally dense vegetables, fruits, and herbs 365 days a year for a fraction of the energy, water, and other operational costs.

Whether for a sole-source vertical farm system or a supplemental greenhouse lighting solution, powerful and efficient Fluence LED grow lights are equipping food cultivators to achieve the margins they need to grow, smarter.

Higher, premium quality harvests, 365 days a year

Built on the latest lighting research, Fluence offers just the right LED grow light solution for each stage of a commercial food plant’s development.

Higher, Premium Quality Harvests, 365 Days a Year

Built on the latest lighting research, Fluence offers just the right LED grow light solution for each stage of a commercial food plant’s development.

These fixtures provide an energy-efficient, specialized light that increase yields, improve quality, and reduce operating costs.

With precise light spectrum and intensity allows you to grow food crops with the best possible yield, flavor, and nutritional density 365 days a year.

By allowing food cultivators to grow anywhere, harvest to market can be separated by minutes instead of days, ensuring fresher produce and putting an end to exorbitant transportation costs.

Superior lighting solutions

Fluence’s cool-running lights are incredibly energy efficient, enabling you to achieve dramatic savings in energy, water, HVAC, and other operating costs, while the ability to provide optimal light year-round means out-of-season veggies are no problem.

Together, these capabilities combine to create a more predictable revenue stream, while increasing yields, improved quality, and lower operating costs help cultivators achieve improved margins to keep them competitive into the future.

The Right Solution for Your Growing Environment

Precise solutions geared specifically for the unique light spectrums and space requirements of indoor, vertical farm, and greenhouse environments. Fluence’s grow lights are just the right solution for each stage of the plant’s development, letting you control the season and the length of day producing denser, more delicious and bountiful crops. These grow lights are specialized to increase your yield, improve quality, reduce operating costs and stay cutting-edge to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

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Fluence supplies indoor cultivators with flexible and precise LED grow light solutions that ensure their crops receive the highly desired light spectrums to thrive year-round.

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Vertical Farming

Fluence’s razor-thin LED grow lights have enabled vertical food cultivators to tightly stack their rack layers while delivering highly uniform and adjustable, PPFD levels throughout the plant canopy. The results are more dense, delicious, and bountiful harvests.

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With a slim form factor that won’t block Mother Nature’s sun light, Fluence’s VYPR Series augments the natural light with the additional option to serve as the sole lighting source during short winter days. You control the length of the day. You control the season.


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