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Fluence Joins Precision Indoor Plant Consortium

Strawberries in greenhouse full of phytonutrients

Fluence Joins Precision Indoor Plant Consortium

We are proud to announce Fluence has joined the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research’s latest initiative to expand research in the field of indoor plant cultivation.

The Precision Indoor Plant Consortium enlists pioneers from across the horticulture and agriculture industries, uniting each company with the simple goal of making healthier foods available to more people.

As part of the consortium, Fluence will provide LED lighting solutions to enable energy-efficient indoor plant cultivation. Our research and cultivation teams will also help develop cultivation techniques and best practices to manipulate environmental factors to enhance the development of phytonutrients in plants.

We are fully committed and proud to be part of the committee’s goal of developing healthier, more nutritious and ultimately more vegetables, herbs and produce, so everyone can have access to better food choices.

For more information on the consortium, visit the consortium’s announcement here.