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Looking Up Indoors – How to Select the Best LED Fixtures for You

indoor growth led fixtures

Looking Up Indoors – How to Select the Best LED Fixtures for You

It is easy to get lost in a sea of options nowadays, but with a little sifting the gold is even easier to spot. Let this blog be your sifting pan!

Whether you are looking to match PPF or wattage with an LED retrofit, expand vertically, or simply improve crop quality and environmental control, there is an LED system out there that can fit any crop or goal. But, just as with light spectra, there is a wide range of lighting products on the market, and not all LEDs are created equally. Likewise, not all manufacturers guarantee excellent products, service, support, or continued existence. In other words, a lifetime warranty for a product is only as valuable as its company’s lifetime.

Avoid poor quality LEDs and choose a well-established manufacturer for your plants. The easiest way to weed out low-quality LEDs is to choose products listed on the DLC Qualified Products List (QPL), which have been reviewed to verify that their output meets efficiency requirements and manufacturers’ claims for efficiency.

The DLC QPL is what utility companies use when determining which products are eligible for rebates – and you should, too! All fixtures on the QPL have efficiencies of ≥1.9 μmol/J, warranties of five years or more, IP water-resistance ratings, and safety certifications.

Most importantly, the DLC assesses every fixture’s output, reliability, and longevity. For additional assurance of reliability, select a product with passive cooling capabilities. Actively cooled fixtures – those with fans or circulating fluids – are more prone to failure due to moving parts. Fluence’s patented LED solutions are always passively cooled (radiating heat upward and away from the leaves). Passively cooled LEDs are allowed to reach their full shelf life because they are not reliant on active systems that often break down sooner than the lights do.

When it comes to selecting a specific fixture or spectrum for your crops, Fluence experts stand ready to assist you with the relevant scientific knowledge and technology. A lighting manufacturer must be more than just an equipment supplier; to that end, Fluence is committed to being your trusted partner along every step of the way.

Our comprehensive Indoor Retrofitting Guide has additional information and useful charts to help you understand the A-Zs of LEDs. You can also contact a Fluence expert to begin discussing the next steps you should take to maximize profits and grow smarter.