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Innovator Spotlight:

Cambridge, Maryland

Sitting at the edge of the Choptank River in Cambridge, Maryland, CULTA has been focused on premium product quality since 2017. CULTA is a vertically-integrated cannabis company that cultivates, extracts, processes, distributes, and retails the highest-quality cannabis and related products throughout Maryland. The team prides itself in being a community of like-minded souls with a passion for cannabis cultivation—a fact that is proven by their dedication to the art and science of both indoor and outdoor growing. Not only does CULTA utilize a variety of Fluence LEDs in their indoor grow rooms, but they also have conducted research in the past with Fluence UV and antho-spec supplemental lighting in the last two weeks of flowering. Like Fluence, CULTA is data-driven with a human touch. As the Maryland cannabis market continues to boom, expect to see other East Coast operations model themselves on the excellence that is crafted and cultivated at CULTA.


Cultivator Name:CULTA
Location:Cambridge, Maryland
Fluence Fixture:SPYDR X, SPYDR 2X, SPYDR 2P, VYPR
Type of Facility:Indoor (+Outdoor)
Results:Increased potency and yields

Vertical farming via LED optimization


Pre-implementation Challenges:

  • Previous HPS lighting was inefficient in terms of power, space, heat dispersion, and output
  • Needed to increase indoor grow space without expanding the existing facilities
  • Unique strains need different lighting options throughout the plant growth cycle


  • Increase light intensity to foster peak plant performance and potency
  • Deliver optimal lighting spectrums for unique strains and stages
  • Install vertical racking with LEDs to dramatically increase available indoor grow space

Going Vertical is taking CULTA to New Heights

By going vertical with Fluence LEDs, CULTA has increased their output in each indoor space. In fact, even though CULTA typically grows its lower yielding strains in the LED rooms, the data shows comparable grams per square inch in comparison to the higher yielding strains elsewhere. The lower heat output of Fluence LEDs has allowed for vertical farming through optimal fixture placement, which means CULTA is producing more yield with less wasted energy in the same grow rooms. Currently, the veg room uses exclusively full spectrum Fluence LEDs, which mimic the natural light of the sun. In all these ways and more, CULTA is leading Maryland both upward and forward into the bright, brave, and well-lit future of cannabis cultivation.

Faster light intensity maximums with increased photosynthesis during peak growth periods

Higher Potency from Greater Light Intensity

Increased yields by maximizing their indoor grow space with heat-efficient Fluence LEDs

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