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Commercial Cannabis

Lighting Solutions for the Future of Your Business

Fluence provides commercial cannabis cultivators with the horticulture cannabis grow light solutions they need to set themselves apart in an increasingly competitive, diverse, and flourishing market. As regulatory barriers fall and consumers’ options expand, the ability to consistently produce abundant harvests of premium-quality flower while achieving savings in energy and HVAC costs will decide which growers thrive with higher margins.

The form-factor of Fluence’s LED solutions were expressly designed for the needs of cannabis cultivators. With the right cannabis grow light for each stage from propagation to flowering, you can provide light that optimizes growth and keeps crops verdant and bountiful.

Increased Yields, Quality, and Productivity

Harnessing and controlling light gives you the ability to enrich your plants’ cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid profiles to produce the best possible yield, flavor, and potency.

Increased Yields, Quality, and Productivity

Harnessing and controlling light gives you the ability to enrich your plants’ cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid profiles to produce the best possible yield, flavor, and potency.

With energy-efficiency enabled by the latest LED innovation, Fluence cannabis grow lights help you achieve dramatic savings in operating costs. And because LED grow lights run so cool, costs are also cut for HVAC and water consumption compared to High Pressure Sodium lighting running the same light intensity.

Not only are operating costs lower, but the ability to provide optimal light year-round creates a more predictable revenue stream, while higher quality commands a higher margin.

Superior lighting solutions

Fluence’s grow lights are developed to deliver everything cannabis cultivators need to thrive well into the future. Cultivators save on operating costs, increase crop yield and improve the quality of your crops. Achieve savings in energy, water and HVAC systems, and grow smarter year-round.

  • The same form factor that the pros have come to rely on has been fitted with an integrated dimmer to be as plug-and-play as ever.

  • The RAPTR Series high-output top light is ideal for 1:1 HPS replacement in controlled environment agriculture.

  • Delivers simplicity, flexibility, and cost savings to your grow by replacing dimming cables with wireless control.

  • The new VYNE series provides supplemental lighting within the high-wire vine crop canopy (intercanopy lighting).

  • An intuitive interface to easily control fixture brightness, achieve repeatable results and maximize crop yields. (North America Only)

  • The Fluence SPYDR series is designed to provide precise control over light spectrum levels and intensity for close-proximity, multi-tier indoor cannabis cultivation.

  • The multi-spectra, slim and efficient VYPR series delivers consistent PPFD, energy efficiency and a comfortable human work environment in both greenhouse and indoor grow environments.

  • The new RAZR Modular System offers scalable flexibility, customization and promotes a more productive full-cycle cultivation for a variety of plant types.

The right solution for your growing environment.

Precise solutions geared specifically for the unique light spectrums and space requirements of indoor, vertical farm, and greenhouse environments. Turn square feet into acres for your grow all while having control of any environment. Regardless of the grow environments Fluence’s grow lights are geared towards efficient indoor cultivation, razor thin and designed to run cool, and have a slim form factor. Grow faster and smarter with our lighting solutions.

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Efficient indoor cultivation requires sole-source lighting in order to control all environmental aspects including HVAC. So, Fluence equips indoor cannabis cultivators with LED grow light solutions that ensure seedlings, veg, and flowering plants alike receive the specific intensity of light they need to flourish. Options range from specific lights geared towards helping your seedlings and cuttings grow healthier with better root development to a full-cycle light that can be adjusted at each stage of the plant’s life.

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Vertical Farming

Turn square feet into acres. Fluence lights were designed to run cool and be razor-thin so vertical farmers can have their crops as close as 5” from the light. So, you can add as many tiers as your HVAC allows, all while delivering extremely high and uniform levels of PPFD so plants are  producing quality flower consistently cycle after cycle.

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With a slim form factor that won’t block Mother Nature’s precise rays, Fluence’s VYPR light series supplements sunlight in greenhouses while adding the option to be the sole lighting source after the sun sets. Control the daily light integral (DLI) and control the season.


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