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Innovator Spotlight: ECF Farmsystems

Berlin, Germany

Before this, we were harvesting less yield and lower quality products in the winter. Fluence allows us to produce more food, on a smaller surface, with less resources.Nicolas Leschke
Founder and CEO

Inside ECF Farmsystems: Year-round greenhouse production in the heart of Berlin

The ECF Farm Berlin  (ECF Farmsystems) is an innovative urban-farm leveraging greenhouse and vertical farm cultivation techniques to produce potted plants. The facility utilizes aquaponics to naturally fertilize its crops for the second largest supermarket chain in Germany.

ECF Farmsystems has a unique approach to grow more with less. By using the synergistic production of aquaculture and hydroponic-style plant cultivation in one environment, ECF Farmsystems is able to reduce the amount of resources to produce its fresh, high-quality produce.

Fluence LED lighting help ECF Farmsystems to produce year-round, which results in the production of consistent and uniform harvests to its customers. Additionally, Fluence lighting solutions dramatically cut down on the use land in ECF Farmsystems’ urban farm, enabling the facility to yield 35% more crops than before on the same real estate footprint.

  • Producing More with Less – Holistic lighting solution from propagation to greenhouse ensures year-round production of consistent, aromatic basil throughout the growth cycle
  • Seed-to-Table Urban Farming – Onsite propagation on VertiCCs leads to 35% more production on same foot print and optimize supply chain from seed to table
  • Consistent and Uniform Products – ECF Farmsystems can has full control throughout the growth cycle and experiences less impact from pests, while also offering the ability to forecast yields more accurately

What is Aquaponics?


VYPR LED lighting delivers better quality spectral compositions of light than comparable legacy lighting technologies. Further, VYPR LED solutions eliminate seasonality by efficiently lighting crops to create uniform plants and maintain plant productivity, no matter what the weather looks like outside of the grower’s facility.


RAZR Series lighting enables ECF Farmsystems to improve operations and increase production by more than 35%, without the need for new construction. By expanding operations vertically, ECF Farmsystems saves on CapEx without the need to invest in additional land or building a new cultivation area. By propagating on VertiCCs with RAZR Series lighting, ECF Farmsystems has full control throughout the growth cycle, manages less pests, and can now forecast yields more accurately.