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Innovator Spotlight: Hällnäs Handelsträdgård

Hällnäs, Sweden

We are seeing reduced lead times and higher yields under the Fluence LED systems, with finished product quality that exceeds everything we have seen before”Björn Isacsson Owner

Inside Hällnäs Handelsträdgård: Impossible Results in Extreme Environments

Located just south of the Arctic Circle in Northern Sweden, Hällnäs Handelsträdgård is a producer of a variety of bedding and potted leafy greens, herbs and ornamental flowers. Started in 1953 growing herbs and lettuce, the company now operates out of a modern production facility and went 100% organic in 2016.

Because of its year-round colder climate and almost no natural light during the months of December and January, Hällnäs Handelsträdgård relies on supplemental light to increase its plant production.

Initially, Björn Isacsson, the owner of Hällnäs Handelsträdgård was hesitant to switch to LED fixtures due to high-costs and secondary research he had uncovered.   However, after purchasing and testing the Fluence VYPRx PLUS, he was quite overwhelmed because his new calculations proved that he wasn’t only able to save on electricity costs, but was able to increase the quality and yield of his plant production. Furthermore, he and the head grower, Philipp Stawarz discovered they could eventually create completely new products with Fluence’s LED solutions.

It’s possible to grow faster now during winter than with sunlight. All people can see are these great results: better quality and more compact plants. Philipp Stawarz Head Grower

Hällnäs Handelsträdgård’s Fluence-Powered LED Greenhouse

The company deployed Fluence’s VYPRx PLUS with PhysioSpec Greenhouse spectrum for full-cycle plant growth and development, along with Fluence’s VYPRx PLUS with AnthoSpec as a finishing spectrum to increase anthocyanin accumulation in lettuce. This resulted in a deep red color and higher antioxidant properties which was previously impossible to produce under HPS or sunlight.   Since Hällnäs Handelsträdgård replaced its HPS lighting system with the Fluence VYPRx PLUS, the company has experienced: