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Fluence Appoints General Manager in EMEA Region

Fluence Appoints General Manager in EMEA Region

As Fluence Bioengineering continues to service more growers from around the world, our team is expanding rapidly to achieve our core mission. To enable our growers to grow better quality crops at higher yields, so more people have access to nutritious foods and therapeutic cannabis products.

To achieve this goal, Timo Bongartz has been appointed general manager at Fluence Bioengineering for the EMEA region. He will be supporting growers across Europe, the Middle East and Africa to support them in achieving their cultivation goals.

Timo has extensive experience advising growers and researchers from across every spectrum of the horticultural space. Fluence is proud to have Timo lead our expansion across the EMEA region as his passion for horticulture and understanding for what the EMEA region needs to excel will be greatly beneficial to growers in these regions. Under his leadership, Timo will be identifying market opportunities, appointing sales leads across each country in the EMEA region, and will be incorporating OSRAM resources into the Fluence cultivation support and sales process.

If your grow is in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa, please be sure to subscribe to the Fluence newsletter on the right sidebar of the Fluence blog here for more information on solutions and services in each of these regions. Our team will be sure to keep you abreast of the events Timo and his team will be attending.

Additionally, if you have a particular project in mind, you can also contact Timo and his team here.