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SHYFT LIGHT SCHEDULERNew For Better Crop Production

Expert-level Controls for a Variety of Grows

SHYFT Light Scheduler features two programmable channels, customizable settings, and an intuitive interface so growers can easily control fixture brightness, achieve repeatable results and maximize crop yields.

Control Brightness and gain consistency, accuracy and efficiency with SHYFT Light Scheduler. Easy to install and configure — SHYFT Light Scheduler offers patented Photoacclimation capability and daily Photoperiod control for Fluence 0-10 V LED light fixtures.

Pair with Wireless Flex Dimming, the innovative wireless solution to replace 0-10V light fixture control wiring that offers scalability, security, and ease of installation.

Available in North America only.

Control Brightness and Gain Consistency, Accuracy and Efficiency

SHYFT Light Scheduler’s Photoacclimation and Photoperiod modes help growers maximize crop quality, yield and growth speed by carefully controlling the scheduling, consistency and quantity of light delivered to plants in each stage of the growth cycle. Two programmable channels enable separate management of distinct growth zones. Automated light controls can help produce repeatable results for different crops.

Customizable Dimmer Modes

0%-100% light intensity control. Customize the Photoacclimation cycle brightness curve to set individual brightness levels.

Programmable Dual Channels

Independent Zones. Up to 100 light fixtures (50 fixtures per channel).

Convenient Installation

Wall and rail mounting options; IP65 rating for installation in wet, humid, and dusty locations.


Provided with a 2-year limited warranty.

Reliable Battery Backup

Never lose your settings during a power outage.

Color LCD Touch Screen

Intuitive and easy to operate.

Flexible Photoacclimation Capability

Gently acclimate crops to target brightness level and prevent negative effects due to abrupt change in brightness. Use SHYFT Light Scheduler’s built-in settings or customize.

Daily Photoperiod Control

Repeats a daily on/off schedule at a preset brightness level every 24 hours with optional sunrise and sunset simulation.


Install directly in the grow environment

With an IP65 rating, SHYFT Light Scheduler can be installed in humid, wet, and dusty environments, eliminating the need for remote installation or a costly sealed enclosure.


Create a Photoacclimation Cycle for your Photoperiods

Photoacclimation mode protects plant health by preventing shock to plants with a sudden change in brightness level for a new growth stage. The Photoacclimation cycle incrementally changes the Photoperiod brightness level until the target brightness level at the end of the cycle is reached. Use the built-in settings or customize each day of the cycle. The Photoperiod will continue to repeat at the last target brightness level after the Photoacclimation cycle ends.


Create a daily Photoperiod schedule

Photoperiod mode functions like a 24-hour timer clock, but with additional advanced features. You set a time to turn the zone on and off, a brightness level, and an optional simulated sunrise (ramp up) when the cycle starts, and sunset (fade down) before turning off. The same Photoperiod schedule repeats every 24 hours


SHYFT Light Scheduler features two programmable channels, customizable settings, and an intuitive interface so growers can easily control fixture brightness, achieve repeatable results and maximize crop yields.

  • Number of Channels2
  • Signal Type 0-10 V
  • Signal Strength (per channel) Source/Sink 100/30 mA DC
  • Max # of Fixture Controlled (per channel) 50 fixtures, or up to 100 mA max dimming current capacity
  • Region North America
  • Light Control 0%-100% Light Intensity, Automatic Time Schedules (24 Hour Photoperiod and 20-day Max Photoacclimation Cycle), Manual Dimming (Set and Hold)
  • Environmental Rating Indoor/Outdoor (Type 3R), IP65 0 – 90 % Relative Humidity, Non-Condensing
  • Compliances cULus, FCC
  • Warranty 2 Years Limited
136 mm
37 mm
2.0 lbs
0.9 kg


Available in North America

The Fluence Dimmer is a reliable, user-friendly dimmer that controls the light intensity from 0-100% of Fluence light fixtures. This device allows growers to control the light intensity of their Fluence light fixtures via an easy-to-use up/down arrow function and clearly shows the user their light output intensity percentage via a digital display. This dimmer is meant to control the overall light intensity and maintain a set point of your Fluence LED light fixtures.

It is not a relay or digital schedule timer to control photoperiod.

SHYFT light scheduler