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Refining Cannabis Cultivation with SPYDR 2; Now Shipping

Refining Cannabis Cultivation with SPYDR 2; Now Shipping

Today, SPYDR 2p begins shipping to customers around the world and will enable cannabis growers to efficiently and quickly begin cultivating from both the ground, and up.

Fluence sees vertical cultivation as one of the most exciting and innovative practices enabled by the advent of horticultural LEDs. Combining the aesthetic qualities of ancient hanging gardens with the practical functionality of literally stacking plots of “land,” vertical cultivation benefits from being visually striking as well as infusing a modern sense of utility into one of the world’s oldest skills.

Which is why redesigning the SPYDR Series to develop SPYDR 2 is right for the future of vertical cultivation for cannabis.

SPYDR 2 is a testament to how simplicity and efficiency can be made better by a utilitarian sense of functionality and form. Each SPYDR 2 solution serves as a practical and effective horticultural lighting system, purpose-built to provide optimal yields and withstand the rigors of commercial agriculture. Arranged in a compact, folding array, SPYDR 2 is also easy to install and can be installed in a vertical cultivation facility in a fraction of the time and with minimal instructions.

SPYDR 2p continues the legacy of SPYDRx PLUS and acts as a full-cycle high-intensity light designed to scale from vegetative growth to bloom. SPYDR 2p begins shipping to licensed commercial growers around the world today.

SPYDR 2x is the essential introductory high-PPFD lighting solution, which succeeds SPYDRx and serves as an early-development stage top-lighting solution.

New to the second-generation SPYDR Series, SPYDR 2i unlocks new possibilities for growers who want to push the boundaries of high-PPFD cultivation.

Fluence is excited to share the newest SPYDR with the horticultural industry. For more information on cultivating with high PPFD LEDs, check out our guide here, or contact a Fluence horticulture systems representative to see which SPYDR is right for your cultivation needs.