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Lighting and HVACD Part 1 with InSpire

Introducing the latest webinar series in collaboration with InSpire Transpiration Solutions and Fluence by OSRAM. This two-part series will detail the important decisions you as a grower or facility designer will need to make in both a new build facility or when retrofitting an existing facility. This series will focus specifically the decisions made with LED lighting and HVACD planning. We will discuss the following topics:

  • Key metrics every decision maker should know when choosing a manufacturer of lighting and HVACD
  • Recommended steps when building a team and choosing your equipment
  • Evaluating your return on investment
  • After this series, you will have the tools to evaluate and analyze your space to choose the appropriate equipment that is right for your cultivation and business strategy.

Part 1: New Build

In this session we will prepare you on making smart decisions in the planning stage to make the most out of your opportunity. The most important decision a cultivator or owner makes is the one that defines the limits of production. Legacy lighting and HVAC can limit your potential. This session will outline the recommended steps you should make when planning your facility, and ways to avoid costly mistakes that set you back in the long run.