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Innovator Spotlight: Mother Magnolia Medicinals

Oregon, USA

The terpene profile and the density of the buds is phenomenal. We have dispensaries telling us that they cannot believe that our flower is grown with LED lights.Tom Scoble

Inside Mother Magnolia Medicinals: Customized Cannabis Cultivation

After 14 months of planning of operations and building out its facility, Mother Magnolia Medicinals started to look for a lighting partner and solution. In late 2016, Tom Scoble was referred to Fluence Bioengineering. At that time, he was hesitant to what LED lighting could do for his company and its cost-effectiveness. Fluence offered up to tour the company’s facility pre-construction and provide a demonstration of its SPYDRx PLUS product and spoke to the advantages.

After furthering weighing the costs and return on investment, including determining that the company is eligible for its local energy rebate program if LED lights were installed, Mother Magnolia Medicinals committed to using Fluence’s LED lights to service all its grow rooms.

We are looking forward to the evolution of this industry as well as the evolution of technology that will continue to support cutting edge growing
Tom Scoble

Mother Magnolia’s Fluence-Powered LED Grow Room

To date, Mother Magnolia Medicinals has received roughly $13,000 in rebates, and with its latest order of VYPRx PLUS, the company saw another $4,000 – $5,000 return. As a benefit for Mother Magnolia Medicinals and other commercial cannabis operators, rebates also make sense for local utility companies, in addition to local communities as well. Furthermore, rebates provide a financial incentive for producers to use LED lights, which ultimately use less electricity and have a lower negative impact on cannabis operators’ electrical grids than HPS lighting options.

On top of the rebates, with the 30-40 percent energy savings over HPS fixtures, it means that every day that Mother Magnolia Medicinals’ LED lights are running, the company is making money that would otherwise go towards a monthly utility bill. The quality of the LED lighting, the above and beyond customer service and overall lower cost makes utilizing Fluence products a no-brainer.