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Innovator Spotlight:

Oakland, CA

In pursuit of perfection: Just south of downtown Oakland, CA, in the richly cultured neighborhood of Fruitvale, the old apricot orchards have been replaced by a thriving metropolis and a new kind of flowering plant: premium cannabis. Oakfruitland is a family-owned, minority business that is producing California’s best strains and highest quality cannabis.

Oakfruitland spares no detail from floor to ceiling. Their experts are true to the cannabis craft from prime genetics to beautiful sustainable packaging. Their pursuit of perfection includes a top-tier irrigation system, CO2 enriched rooms, and sophisticated environmental controls to ensure constant temperature, adjustable lighting, and scalable air flow. Above all, Fluence LEDs provide high-intensity, high-quality lighting that cannabis requires for maximum growth and premium results. The experts at Oakfruitland are passionate about cannabis and believe in actual medicine—produced cleanly and naturally from start to finish. They stand confidently behind their recreational and medicinal products, and Californians are noticing.

Project Overview

Cultivator Name:Oakfruitland
Location:Oakland, CA
Fluence Fixture:SPYDR 2x, 2i, 2h
Type of Facility:Indoor
Results:5-7% increased yield
5-10% improved cycle times
5-10% less power usage


Tackling California’s rules and regulations

Building a sustainable, high-tech indoor facility in an urban environment

Overcoming COVID and post-COVID market disruptions

ChallengesFrom Acorn to Giant Oak

Four years ago, Oakfruitland began with the simple goal to create a value brand for the everyday smoker. The team understood that anyone can grow flower; what differentiates one operation from another is the quality of the cannabis grown. Oakfruitland’s multi-tier indoor facility was built to grow affordable, high-quality cannabis at scale. More than that, Oakfruitland works to support its surrounding community and emphasizes customer service and support at every step of the process.

Two years ago, Oakfruitland retrofitted its facility from HPS to LEDs. Today, Fluence’s SPYDR 2x, 2i, and 2h LEDs deliver top-tier lighting with industry-leading control, research, and support. With higher light intensity and improved light quality, the larger and healthier plants require more nutrients and inputs. Oakfruitland solved these issues with a top tier irrigation system, Patterson fans to ensure good air movement, Pelemix (coco peat) for an eco-friendly medium, and other innovations that ensure uniformity, quality, and consistency.

ResultsRise and Shine

Oakfruitland has become a staple in the California cannabis market, and its success is no surprise. Their all-organic, hand-trimmed, high-quality bud bears an immortal beauty thanks to a five-step quality control process and a 90-day freshness policy that guarantees customer and retailer satisfaction. The Oakfruitland brand is truly a work of art, and this extends from premium potency to mind-blowing packaging that is second to none.

Following their trials with other LED manufacturers, Oakfruitland cited multiple factors for choosing Fluence lighting, including higher yields and improved yield quality, better looking plants and product, better tasting cannabis, and superior customer support. With Fluence LEDs, the team reported 5-7% increased yield, 10% higher light levels, and 5-10% improved cycle times. All of this was accomplished with 5-10% less power usage.

Fluence is proud to partner with Oakfruitland’s tireless team of experts, artists, and crafters, who care about their patients and take every step to ensure the highest quality products. Today, Oakfruitland serves not only its Fruitvale neighborhood and the greater Oakland area, but also the great state of California, as their legendary products and brand have become well-known and trusted throughout. In the end, you can’t hide greatness. You can only shine a spotlight upon it.

5-7% increased yield

5-10% improved cycle times

5-10% less power usage



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