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Fluence Grower Wins Big at Prestigious Cultivation Competition

The Sweeties Terpene Composition

Fluence Grower Wins Big at Prestigious Cultivation Competition

Mother Magnolia Medicinals Receives Accolade at Regional Cultivation Event

Winners of the third-annual Cultivation Classic growing competition were announced in Portland, OR recently, which awards accolades for the best in clean, craft cannabis grown in the state. The competition has quickly received recognition for its scientific and data-centric approach to judging cannabis strains, based on chemodiversity, chemo-intensity, terpenes and cannabinoid levels.

Tom Scoble Inspecting Crops at MMM

Tom Scoble Inspecting Crops at MMM

Mother Magnolia Medicinals won distinction in the Outstanding Terpenes Award category receiving honors for the Most Diverse Terpenes.

“We are thrilled to receive this honor and recognition for the unique composition of terpenes we’ve cultivated at our farm,” said Tom Scoble, founder of Mother Magnolia Medicinals. “The intensity and broad spectrum light Fluence provides have been a game-changer in helping us express the distinctive flavor profile of our Sweeties strain.”

Terpenes are fluid oils which impart flavor and aroma and can greatly improve crop quality if produced in sufficient quantities. The quality and intensity of light is currently a hot research topic today and initial results show light can have a direct and powerful influence on the production of secondary metabolites, such as terpenes, in a variety of plants.

The largest concentrations of terpenes found in cannabis plants are typically found within non-glandular trichomes in the leaves and glandular trichomes in the calyces. Specific wavelengths of light have been found to influence the production of genetic compounds, which in turn can be used to increase concentrations of desirable aromatic, varietal or therapeutic qualities of cannabis plants.

We are proud to be working with growers like Mother Magnolia Medicinals to isolate the photo receptors responsible for the production of the most desirable terpenes and would like to congratulate Scoble and his team for cultivating the award-winning Sweeties strain.

Cultivation Classic 2018 – Most Diverse Terpenes; Photo Credit: Resinated Lens