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Innovator Spotlight: Buckeye Relief

Eastlake, Ohio

Fluence enables us to explore medicinal cannabis and contribute evidence-based information to the industry. Jeremy Shechter
Cultivation Technology Director

Inside Buckeye Relief: Cultivating New Growth in the Rust Belt

Buckeye Relief was the first Level 1 cultivation facility to open in Ohio, which provides high-quality medicinal cannabis to patients across the state. The business was the top scoring Level I applicant and became the first Level I cultivator in Ohio to receive its operational license, plant seeds, harvest and service patients in the Buckeye state.

With interest in the efficacy of medicinal cannabis at the forefront of the industry, Buckeye Relief is pushing to find the most effective strains for its patients.

Forethought in facility design – By utilizing Fluence lighting solutions and Pipp Horticulture racking at key cultivation stages, Buckeye Relief can double plant canopy with minimal down time between flower rotations, as patient demand requires.

Sole-source light manipulation – Broad spectrum light enhances secondary metabolite production to accelerate the phenohunt process and ensure optimal production in future strains.

Uniform and consistent products – Completely indoor, controlled environment agricultural practices ensure products are consistent throughout the year.

The Buckeye Relief facility isolates crops by development stage, strategically applying light intensity and light quality to ensure consistent, efficient development of plants.


Versatility & Scalability With VYPR & SPYDR

VYPR LED lighting serves as a top light in mother rooms, ensuring uniform plant development.

Key to its ability to scale to future patient demand, Buckeye Relief selectively leverages SPYDR and VYPR LED solutions in vertical racks in its vegetative and flower rooms. By proactively planning for future canopy, operations can double in less than a week without the need for future buildout.


Fluence-Powered Vertical Farm

The growers propagate clones vertically with RAZR LED lighting. This enables Buckeye Relief to optimize facility space utilization, so future facility expansions focus on later-stage plant development.


Through intelligent and sustainable facility design choices, Fluence LED lighting solutions enable Buckeye Relief to use less energy than legacy lighting systems.

Fluence energy specialists are actively collaborating with more than 90 utility providers across North America. Through close partnerships with the Resource Innovation Institute, the Design Lights Consortium and other advocates, Fluence is pioneering incentive programs across North America which reward growers for making sustainable choices.

To discuss how Fluence horticulture lighting can help expand your plant canopy, reduce CapEx and OpEx, or check what energy incentives may be available in your region, contact a Fluence horticultural service agent here.