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Fluence is a horticultural lighting company, but we do so much more. We have invested in people and resources to provide support to our growers throughout the lifecycle of their business.

Empowering our growers to utilize Fluence technology to its maximum potential helps produce the highest crop quality and yield to meet your cultivation goals. From crop research, lighting design, horticulture experts, field application engineers, and everything in between, Fluence is ready to support your lighting solution needs.

Our Services

Our Service teams are available to our customers as an added benefit when working with Fluence. Our goal is to help you build out the best possible grow for your facility, and our global specialists will be there with you on every step of that journey. Whether you need help with a lighting design, setting the right environmental parameters, or engineering support, our team of experts can assist you with any scale of help you need.

Horticulture Services Specialists

Fluence has dedicated regionally-based horticulture services specialists on staff that assist our customers in getting the most out of their investment. A successful grow is not just about lights, but making all the key inputs work together seamlessly. Our team of trained horticulture service specialists at Fluence know how to make that happen. They access your entire ecosystem, offering recommendations to maximize your grow in both the quality and yield of your crop. They bring many years of experience working with growers across the globe, and have seen the widest ranges of environments, allowing them to help make the most optimized choices for your grow. Whether you have questions on lighting, soil, environmental control systems, or racking, our experts will be there to help.

Our horticulture services specialists will focus on the details, allowing you to focus on your grow.

Lighting Design

Getting your lighting layout correct upfront will save you headaches and money down the road. Fluence’s team of lighting designers are experts at photometric modeling capabilities and can assist you in designing and optimizing the light throughout your entire cultivation space. Our designers look at not only the lights, but the entire facility including the electrical infrastructure from power and cable layout to the integration of control systems. We can even help you design a state-of-the-art wireless network to control your lighting. Our team has years of experience designing facilities across the globe, including indoor grows, greenhouses, and both single and multi-tier facilities.

Having seen and created so many designs, our team can help customers avoid common mistakes when designing their facility, which in turn can save thousands of dollars in capital expenditures.

Field Application Engineering

Our Field Application Engineers (FAE) are experts at making sure everything on paper translates to a properly functioning operation in the real world. Our FAEs are experts in the design, installation, commissioning, and troubleshooting of LED lighting installations. Our team has the depth and experience to advise on mechanical installation, HVAC requirements and integration of control systems. If you need on-site support, we can be there at your side.

These are the experts that make sure everything on paper translates to a properly functioning operation in the real world.

Utility Rebates

Fluence has dedicated rebate specialists on staff that monitor energy rebates across North America. The rebate process can be complex no matter what utility or state you are operating in. There are so many variables and possibilities – too many for a typical grower to focus on. A grower should instead be focused on maximizing the quality and yield of their grow.

Our rebate specialists know how to approach the utilities and maximize the dollars coming back to you for the installation. Fluence will even complete the entire application on your behalf, saving you time and reducing stress. And 100% of the rebate goes to the grower, not a third party or another organization. Fluence does not charge any fees or commission when managing rebates for our customers. That rebate belongs to the grower, and Fluence will be focused on gaining every dollar for their operation. In fact, Fluence has helped growers secure more than $21 million dollars in rebates since 2017.

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