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Innovator Spotlight:
Eve Farms

San Fransisco, California

By utilizing vertical farming and the Fluence lighting systems, we’ve seen a massive increase in yield and overall quality.Jimi Heiler
Cultivation Supervisor

Inside Eve Farms: How to Grow Efficient, Award-Winning Cannabis

Eve Farms is a state-of-the-art cannabis farm in the heart of San Francisco – the most expensive city in the world with some of the most expensive real estate in the world. Given the high real estate (and energy) costs in San Francisco, along with an increasing consumer demand for premium cannabis, Eve Farms was looking to improve cultivation and operational efficiencies.

To maximize the company’s real estate footprint and amperage, Eve Farms turned to Fluence and the SPYDRx PLUS to retrofit a standard single-tier indoor garden with high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting into a double-stack vertical farm with the latest in LED technology.

We view Fluence as a strategic partner which has enabled Eve Farms to surpass cultivation targets and reduce operational costs to help us maintain our competitive edge in the market.Matt Cantelo
CEO and founder

Since transitioning to Fluence LED solutions, Eve Farms has increased cannabinoid and terpene production across multiple strains, resulting in enhanced plant quality and differentiated products quantified by cannabinoid and terpene results as well as awards from High Times.

Sustainably double yield – By deploying a vertical farming cultivation system, Eve Farms increased its yield per room from 100-125 pounds per harvest under HPS to 200-250 pounds per harvest under purpose-built horticulture LEDs, while only increasing power consumption by five percent.

Achieve faster cycle time – Bench turns are faster as crops mature in eight weeks, instead of nine, which will result in 35 additional days of cultivation per year.

Provide increased uniformity – When compared to HPS, the LED lights are delivering more energy to the lower portion of the plant canopy which is resulting in higher yields for Eve Farms, with notable improvements to flower size and weight throughout the canopy.

Enhance secondary metabolite profiles

Compared to HPS-grown cannabis, cannabinoid and terpene production increased 11 percent on average under SPYDRx PLUS solutions. Eve Farms has also seen new cannabinoids emerge, which were completely absent under HPS lighting.

*Data in the charts are based on the most recent harvest results which has been updated since this write-up was created and the filming of the video below.