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Innovator Spotlight:
Green Fields


Before founding Green Fields in 2017, Lior Saada Pisso and her husband, Ido Saada Pisso, traveled the world to collect insights on the cannabis industry. With their motto “Go Big or Go Home,” they built the largest high-end facility in Israel. Green Fields stretches over 42,000-square-meters (an astonishing size of six soccer pitches) and employs the best technology and an all-star roster of professionals to deliver a premium product.

From tissue culture to final product, Green Fields does it all. The massive greenhouse is equipped with F-CLEAN, a fluoropolymer film, which transmits the full spectrum of natural sunlight for improved growth efficiency. This technology, coupled with Fluence’s broad R3 spectrum VYPR LEDs, ensures consistent, high-quality, high-intensity lighting for peak growth year-round. With the support of REMY’s team and Fluence experts, Green Fields is growing world-class cannabis just as consistently in wintertime as in summertime.

Project Overview

Cultivator Name:Green Fields
Fluence Fixture:Broad R3 spectrum VYPR LEDs
Type of Facility:Greenhouse
Results:30% increase of yield
Up to 25% higher THC levels
Higher terpene levels


Develop a fully sustainable, resource-efficient greenhouse at scale

Grow high-quality crops year-round with a focus on consistency

Select the best genetics and deliver a premium product

ChallengesThe Golden Triangle

Lior describes the “Golden Triangle” as finding the best people, having the best facility, and hunting for top genetics. Green Fields’ Head Grower, Yarden Roitemberg, emphasizes the importance of a strong team, high levels of control, and valuable data. The goal was to produce and deliver premium cannabis year-round that meets or exceeds market demands for potency, flavor, terpenes, and more.

Exerting complete environmental control over a 30,000 m2 greenhouse requires industry-leading technologies and optimal procedures. With the expertise and support of REMY, which specializes in the planning, installation, integration, and quality assurance of large-scale agronomic lighting solutions, Green Fields has the data and knowledge to grow confidently. Through REMY, the Green Fields team chose Fluence VYPR broad spectrum LEDs to provide the highest-quality spectrum that supplements and replicates natural sunlight, in addition to advanced controls that optimize photoacclimation and dynamic dimming. Each zone of the greenhouse is equipped with a special air treatment unit that stabilizes humidity, temperature, and airflow to reduce microclimates and improve uniformity. Using a computer, the team at Green Fields monitors and controls every aspect from root zone to irrigation and more. They understood that consistency is key.

ResultsAim Big, Hit Bigger!

Green Fields is revolutionizing the cannabis market in Israel and abroad by proving what is possible with state-of-the-art technology at incredible scale. Despite the challenges of regulations and environmental control, the team has cultivated 400+ genetic lines and is growing 780,000 plants annually while maintaining consistently high-quality throughout each season. After installing Fluence’s VYPR broad R3 lighting, Green Fields reported increased yield, better terpenes, and better THC across multiple harvests.

Their continued success and popularity are evidenced by continual growth and expansion. In addition to operating the largest cannabis greenhouse outside of the U.S., Green Fields offers consulting, genetics services, and its own chain of pharmacies. With dreams this big, it is no wonder their patients go home happy.

30% increase of yield

up to 25% higher THC levels

Higher terpene levels



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