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Innovator Spotlight:
Key Leaves

South of Lisbon, Portugal

It is said that the Greek hero Odysseus sailed beyond the Pillars of Hercules and founded the ancient seaside city of Lisbon in modern-day Portugal. In 2015, Key Leaves began its own odyssey. In 2020, Alessandro Radici became CEO, and he envisioned an organization of excellence and uncompromising values along this journey. Licensed by Infarmed, the government agency of Portugal that regulates medicines and health products, for the cultivation, import, and export of cannabis products, Key Leaves is a fully indoor pharmaceutical-grade Phyto-cannabinoids producer for medicinal use.

With a diverse international team, Key Leaves proudly works with some of the most renowned professionals in the industry. Since its founding, Key Leaves has invested in the best technologies and partnerships to deliver a highly standardized premium product with uninterrupted supply.

After completing more than twenty-one full cultivation cycles, Key Leaves is delivering the finest medicinal cannabis products in compliance with Portugal’s laws and regulations. Their dedication to science, education, and support is a key factor in their success. Fluence shares these values and is proud to partner with Key Leaves..

Project Overview

Cultivator Name:Key Leaves
Location:South of Lisbon, Portugal
Crop:Medical Cannabis
Fluence Fixture:SPYDR 2p, RAZR (nursery), VYPR 2p (mother and R&D)
Type of Facility:Indoor (single layer, multi-layer in nursery)
Results:Crop uniformity via lighting uniformity
Standard production leading to consistent yields and growth cycles
Maximum yields with dynamic LED solutions


Increasing Energy Efficiency While Keeping Cost Low

Implement sustainable and responsible systems and practices

Drive Peak Performance of Plants from Beginning to End


The experts at Key Leaves were determined to build a fully optimized indoor facility to cultivate and deliver premium, medical-grade cannabis. Lighting intensity and light quality are keys to unlocking top quality plant performance and higher yields. To offset constantly rising energy costs while still achieving high photon utilization, Key Leaves chose Fluence LEDs and lighting solutions for each of their growth stages—tailored both to their facility and plants. In every way, Key Leaves’ operation is suited to achieve stable production of medical-grade cannabis.

ResultsKnowledge is Power

Following twenty-one cycles, Key Leaves has reported a tremendous amount of success and satisfaction with the Fluence SPYDR, VYPR, and RAZR lighting technologies. More importantly, the Horticulture Service Support team was there to help not only in the early design phase, but also after implementation–during the actual growing—and continues to provide support through technical and crop-specific consultation. Key Leaves has set themselves up for success from the beginning, and now they are reaping the rewards of their harvests.

fully optimized indoor facility

Horticulture Service Support Team guided the process

Top quality plant performance and higher yields


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