Innovator Spotlight: MedMen

California, USA

With the Fluence LED systems, we see faster bloom cycles and a significant increase in potency, density and overall quality of flower.Damian Solomon
Director of Cultivation

Inside MedMen: Customized Cannabis Cultivation

MedMen took over operations of an existing licensed medical marijuana cultivation site in early 2016, and applied the latest in agronomic technology and indoor techniques, including hydroponics and Fluence LED lighting. The new facility is optimized to increase revenue per square foot, with all phases of plant cultivation — from propagation to bloom — growing under Fluence LED lighting systems.

MedMen recently deployed Fluence SPYDR & RAZR LED systems in its newly renovated, state-of-the-art vertical farm that replaced a traditional single-tier cultivation facility, and enables MedMen to use fewer natural resources, increase overall revenue per square foot and reduce operating cost per pound.

LED Lighting technology allows us to be energy efficient and at the same time deliver to the plant exactly what it needs.

MedMen’s Fluence-Powered LED Vertical Farm

By transforming the growing facility from a single-tier traditional indoor farm using high pressure sodium (HPS) lights into a multi-tier vertical farm with Fluence LED lights, MedMen has decreased cycle time on eight-week strains by up to 25 percent, reducing production time by 5 to 7 days for retail flower market and by 12 to 14 days for oil-extraction and derivatives markets. As well as more than doubled production per square foot & reduced land requirements by 50 percent.


MedMen’s Fluence-Powered Cultivation Facility

The addition of Fluence LED lights reduced the cost per pound of finished product by 75 percent, decreased energy consumption per light fixture by 40 percent, going from approximately 1,100 watts per light to 660 watts per light. The reduced heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) load by approximately 35 percent per square foot of canopy has had a positive environmental impact. Med Men has increased crop yield by 157 percent while reducing water and fertilizer usage as well as improved consistent, year-round flower quality and chemotype with denser trichrome development.