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Innovator Spotlight:
Moerman Lilium

Westland, Netherlands

For more than fifty years, the Moerman family business has grown with a tradition of unmatched quality and sustainability. Originally, the ma-and-pa farm grew vegetables on a small piece of land in the Netherlands. Today, their sons, Jan, Jaap, and Paul Moerman, cultivate world-famous floriculture—such as their coveted roselilies—on fourteen hectares across six locations in Westland.

Moerman Lilium has stayed true to its roots in the face of rapid growth. The once-small garden is now a thriving complex of state-of-the-art greenhouses with retractable roofs. These greenhouses use tried-and-true methods of natural pest control to avoid chemicals and pesticides. Chickens clear the weeds, pests are eaten or driven away by purpose-bred insects, and cats catch the mice. Almost all materials, including growing medium, are recycled.

On top of that, 1,650 solar panels help to power Fluence’s advanced LEDs with wireless flex dimming capabilities. Dimming is vital. This is not only because light levels must be adjusted during different growing stages, but also because it reduces energy costs during price spikes. The retractable roof allows Moerman Lilium to take advantage of natural sunlight, while RAPTR R8 fixtures provide the necessary supplemental lighting to grow roselilies and other premium lilies, especially during winter months.

Project Overview

Cultivator Name:Moerman Lilium
Location:Westland, Netherlands
Crop:Liliy (with focus on Roselily varieties)
Fluence Fixture:RAPTR R8
Type of Facility:Greenhouse
Results:Uniform color of the leaves along the whole stem
Stronger stems
Bigger heads


Increase energy efficiency with LEDs

Reduce operating costs through Wireless Flex Dimming technology

Control light levels during peak hours and growth stages

ChallengesTrimming Energy Costs

The Netherlands poses unique challenges for greenhouse growers. The winters are relatively dark, cold, and long, and energy prices can surge unexpectedly. In fact, energy prices have risen so steeply that many growers have been forced to decrease their energy consumption and adjust their lighting schedule to the market volatility. For this reason, Moerman Lilium needed the flexibility to dim their lights during energy price surges, or on bright days when the retractable roof provides ample sunlight for the flowers.

Moerman Lilium also needed fixtures that could provide high intensity lighting during the darker months and when energy prices are lower. Connecting the RAPTR fixtures with Wireless Flex Dimming allows Moerman Lilium to precisely dial in the light intensity and wattage. With that level of precision, the facility can even send power back to the grid from the excess energy produced by their own solar panels. The greater efficiency of LEDs was another factor in their deployment above the beautiful, variegated flowers. Sustainability was key at every step.

ResultsBigger, Better, and Brighter than Ever

The Moerman brothers were early adopters of LEDs. They understood it is not just about energy efficiency but also efficacy. Because many varieties of flowers are grown in different greenhouse locations and at different growth stages, Fluence fixtures provide the intensity, flexibility, and advanced controls that a large, automated operation requires. With RAPTR R8 broad spectrum lighting, Moerman Lilium has reported brighter, more vibrant colors and bigger flower heads, better leaf coverage down the stems, and—importantly–sturdier stems. All of this was accomplished while operating at 40% improved energy efficiency compared to previous fixtures.

Jan Moerman, the family’s head grower, attributes this success to the intensity, spectrum, and improved penetration of the RAPTR R8 fixtures. He believes the brighter, whiter light is also beneficial for the working humans and working animals in the greenhouse. In every way, Moerman Lilium is dedicated to producing the most premium product with utmost sustainability. The next fifty years promise to be just as bright and beautiful as the radiant roselilies that have made Moerman Lilium a household name in the Netherlands.

Uniform color of the leaves along the whole stem

Stronger stems with improved foliage

Bigger flower heads



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