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Innovator Spotlight:
Peninsula Gardens

Orion, Michigan

Peninsula Gardens is a premium cannabis cultivator that utilizes state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technologies, superior genetics, and passionate growers to produce the finest flower. Supplying more than a dozen dispensaries, Peninsula Gardens is fast becoming a staple in the Michigan cannabis market with premium craft cultivars, unrivaled customer support, and effective social media channels. As a built-to-grow facility, Peninsula Gardens realized the benefits of Fluence LEDs and now leverages this technology from start to finish–with RAZR in propagation, SPYDR in vegetation, and VYPR in flowering. Hence, Peninsula Gardens is pushing the limits of light, potency, and premium flower across the board and across the state.

Cultivator Name:Peninsula Gardens
Fluence Fixture:VYPR
Light intensity: 900 PPFD
Spectra: BROAD R4
Type of Facility:Indoor
Results:Higher yields (92g/ft2) dried flower

Increased potency

Improved terpene content and morphology

Pre-Implementation Challenges

Inside Peninsula Gardens:Finding the right partners and technology to achieve sustainability goals

Peninsula Gardens’ large, beautiful, and ultra-clean facility needed an advanced lighting system that could improve the quality of not only plants and products but also the overall operation and working conditions. Peninsula Gardens had considered LEDs previously for the HVAC and electrical cost savings as well as for the improved product quality. Although Peninsula Gardens successfully photo-acclimated their plants with HPS, the environment was not ideal. Therefore, they began to explore Fluence’s technology and vast resources that make maximizing growth a simple and effective science.

The Best Cannabis by Michigan for Michigan

Even in the early stages of their retrofit, Peninsula Gardens has achieved some remarkable results with Fluence VYPR LEDs and has expressed enthusiasm as they work towards a complete retrofit. According to Peninsula Gardens, while reducing electrical costs and heating issues, Fluence LEDs have also led to equal or higher yields, potency, and terpene content. Furthermore, both plants and workers have preferred the white light working conditions of LEDs over the yellow/orange hue of HPS.

92 g/ft2 of dried flower

Cost savings in lighting and HVAC

Higher potency, flower quality, and morphology

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