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Innovator Spotlight:

Qiryat Gat, Israel

Amid a flat sea of checkered farmlands, the densely populated city of Qiryat Gat, Israel, stands out with its tall buildings and neat rows of red-roofed houses. Nestled in the industrial zone of this small metropolis, Trichome is growing world-class medicinal cannabis and proving the concept of two-tiered vertical farming in an urban center.

Tony Levi, Co-founder and CEO of Trichome, returned to Israel with 15 years of experience in Spain and Columbia and the dream to produce high-quality flower through complete standardization. He brought friends and associates with him, like Steve Abood (Trichome’s Head Grower with more than 22 years of experience), to help achieve this dream. Now, after completing five full cycles with greater than expected results, Trichome is—like its namesake—a glistening reality.

Trichome has deployed Fluence lighting throughout its fully standardized facility, specifically the SPYDR 2i, SPYDR 2x, and the RAZR Modular series. The experts at Trichome understand that it takes more than just high-quality lighting and high-intensity LEDs to grow the best cannabis in the world. In the end, success requires solutions.

Project Overview

Cultivator Name:Trichome
Location:Qiryat Gat, Israel
Fluence Fixture:SPYDR 2i, SPYDR 2x, RAZR M
Type of Facility:2-Tier Indoor “Factory”
Results:Above average yields
Higher than expected terpene levels
Good plant and crop uniformity


Maximize limited space

Optimize quality and automation

Lower heat output

ChallengesSmall Space, Big Dreams

Growing vertically within a dense city poses a lot of new challenges to farmers everywhere, but Trichome is proof that a dedicated facility can maximize space while optimizing quality and automation at every step. Although space is limited, Trichome is close to critical infrastructure like high power tension lines, gas, water, etc., and—more than that—it is near its market.

Growing indoors requires artificial lighting to compensate for the lack of natural sunlight. Trichome knew they would need both high-intensity and high-quality light that would remain efficient for years to come. To maximize its limited space, Trichome opted for tiered growing, which brings additional complexity as it reduces the space between the crops and the artificial lights. Fortunately, LED lighting makes tiered growing possible due to its significantly lower heat output compared to traditional HPS lights. What’s more, LEDs use a fraction of the electricity of HPS lighting, which further increases the efficiency of Trichome’s operation.

To make their vision a reality, Tony and the team needed a partner that could provide not just an LED lighting system, but one who could assist in the design, installation and set up of this intricate environment. In every way, standardization, longevity, and optimization were paramount to achieving their dream. Remy, the regional supplier, and Fluence provided all that and more.

ResultsA Dream Come True

With above average yields, higher than expected terpene levels, and high content of cannabinoids, the first five cycles at Trichome have been a resounding success. Trichome’s Head Grower, Steve Abood, is “pleasantly surprised” by the response of the plants to the Fluence LED lighting, which are “gobbling it up, are liking it, [and] are expressing it through their flowering.” He is also happy with the standardized intensity of lighting and crop uniformity that Fluence LEDs provide.

Trichome is an exciting new fixture in Qiryat Gat and Fluence’s Growing Family. Not only have they achieved their dream by creating a world-class facility in the heart of their market, but they have also paved the way for future growers who wish to find success within city limits.

When asked for any complaints, Tony smiled: “The harvest was a good harvest, the yields were too good, the lights are too good!”

above average yields

high terpene levels

high content of cannabinoids



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