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Fluence Joins Association for Vertical Farming

Association for Vertical Farming

Fluence Joins Association for Vertical Farming

AMSTERDAM – Association Vertical Farming Summit – June 13, 2016   Fluence is pleased to announce its formal membership with the Association for Vertical Farming, an international nonprofit organization focused on advancing urban and vertical farming technologies, designs and businesses.

Fluence Co-Founder and CEO Nick Klase kicks off the partnership with a presentation at the AVF Summit 2016 on June 13 in Amsterdam ahead of GreenTech.

“The advancement of vertical farming will ultimately rest on the cooperation of innovative companies like Fluence Bioengineering who are pushing boundaries and changing the way we think about food production,” said Howard Brin, COO, Association for Vertical Farming. “We are thrilled to add Fluence as a member to our community and continue our progressive approach to sustainable agriculture.”

The Association for Vertical Farming fosters and leads growth and development of the vertical farming movement through education and collaboration. The association aims to advance science and research and encourage education in environmental protection.

Vertical farming is the practice of producing food in vertically stacked layers in an indoor, controlled environment. Proponents believe that the conversion of abandoned buildings to indoor farms will assist in addressing the food needs of a growing population on a planet with declining access to arable land and dwindling natural resources, such as water.

Fluence, a designer and manufacturer of commercial- and research-grade LED grow lights, is proud to be a part of the vertical farming movement. Our SPYDR and RAZR lighting systems are designed purposefully for vertical farming applications with thin form-factors, close-proximity mounting heights and uniform light distribution for the densest crop production in the world.

“Vertical farming is dependent on an ecosystem of solution providers, and we are excited to join a progressive organization bringing together the best and brightest companies and people in the world,” said Klase. “We look forward to working with AVF to usher this movement forward.”

As an AVF member, Fluence will contribute to the facilitation and creation of vertical farms around the world.  We’ll share our own groundbreaking research and product design with AVF and its members, as we all work together to supply sustainable crop production to a growing population.

About Fluence Bioengineering

Fluence Bioengineering is a photobiology design company exploring physiological plant development under various levels of photosynthetic active radiation and custom spectra targeting photosynthetic and photomorphogenic responses. The company partners with leading research institutions to engineer the most powerful and efficient horticulture lighting solutions for both science and commercial applications. All Fluence systems are designed and built in Austin, TX. www.fluence-led.com

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