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Fluence Bioengineering Hires Horticulture Expert to Accelerate Efficient LED Growing

Travis Higginbotham | Fluence Bioengineering - LED Lighting

Fluence Bioengineering Hires Horticulture Expert to Accelerate Efficient LED Growing

Travis Higginbotham appointed as Director of Cultivation Support to ensure customer success in commercial greenhouse and indoor farming environments

Austin, Texas – May 22, 2018 – Fluence is pleased to announce Travis Higginbotham has joined Fluence as the Director of Cultivation Support. Higginbotham brings valuable experience working on major cultivation projects at a commercial-scale, having overseen numerous projects in the fields of academia and research.

“Commercial horticulture is rapidly evolving and new innovations in the space will transform how we produce sustainable, efficient food and medicine. In order to realize this transformation, growers need to be successful with the tools and technology we’re bringing to market,” said Nick Klase, CEO and Co-Founder, Fluence Bioengineering. “I’m thrilled to have Travis join our team, as his background will help our customers achieve their cultivation and business goals.”

Higginbotham will leverage his background in large-scale, commercial growing, biological controls, integrated pest management, and most recently supplemental greenhouse and sole-source indoor lighting research to help Fluence customers adapt their standard operating procedures to achieve their full potential growing under LED lighting technology.

Prior to Fluence, Higginbotham was Director of Research and Development for Battlefield Farms where he assessed new techniques to optimize production in all facets of the supply chain by working directly with researchers, breeders, growers, production managers and large retail chain buyers in the commercial horticulture market. Higginbotham has a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture from Clemson University and is currently finishing his master’s degree in Horticulture at Virginia Tech University.

“Plant cultivation is undergoing a transformative shift that is leading to more efficient and natural produce and medicinal products,” said Travis Higginbotham, Director of Cultivation Support, Fluence Bioengineering. “I am excited to be working with the most progressive growers in our industry as they embrace state-of-the-art technologies to increase crop production and quality.”

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