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Fluence by OSRAM EMEA Makes Key Team Addition

Fluence by OSRAM EMEA Makes Key Team Addition

Fluence continues to expand across Europe. The science-based approach Fluence takes to horticulture requires clear communications based on product and application benefits.  To that end, Theo Tekstra, is joining Fluence by OSRAM as Product Marketing Manager for the EMEA region.

Theo has overseen disruptive product introduction into the hydroponics market for a major lighting manufacturer and is an experienced industry professional in the horticulture industry.

“The horticultural lighting market is currently in the process of transitioning from traditional HID lighting technologies to consider more efficient LED technologies or hybrid HID and LED deployments. Though the investment in LED is still relatively high, LED technology has evolved to offer 50% more efficacy than traditional HID lighting,” said Theo. “LED lighting has already proven to be the only viable solution for many applications, such as multi-layer systems, tissue culture and inter-canopy lighting. Fluence solutions have made an impact in the North American medicinal and recreational cannabis market by increasing end-product quality and energy efficiency via lighting and reduced HVAC requirements. Efficacy is not the only driver though: Lighting intensity and spectral quality requirements in horticultural greenhouse applications are evolving. In many of these cases the application of LED technology is the only solution.”

Theo will work closely with the Fluence science and engineering team to communicate product benefits and relevant research to customers in the EMEA region. He will help disseminate research and highlight trial results of importance to European growers, enabling customers to identify profitable business applications looking to retrofit or deploy new cultivation facilities.

To contact Theo and better understand how Fluence by OSRAM solutions can address your operations in Europe, reach out to our support team here.