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Eliminating “power-hungry” cannabis facilities in the Pacific Northwest

Eliminating “power-hungry” cannabis facilities in the Pacific Northwest


Fluence is pleased to announce Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO) has certified Fluence as a Trade Ally who provides efficient and effective LED light solutions for use in Oregon. ETO’s certification underscores our expertise in providing energy-efficient horticulture solutions – complementing a close working relationship with Puget Sound Energy (PSE) – which qualify for aggressive incentives which offer anywhere from 40-75% off the initial cost of the solutions purchased from Fluence, depending on the size and growing objectives of a customer’s deployment.

As cannabis growers look to ag-tech solutions which drive better plant yields, quality and consistency, energy efficiency is emerging as a key focus to safeguard against price compression. The Oregon cannabis market has already seen increased competition and a surplus of supply. This trend has encouraged growers to move to more sustainable forms of agriculture, which has proven to be beneficial to the grower’s business as well as the surrounding community.

Fluence offers some of the highest-performing, energy efficient horticulture solutions on the market, and our solutions have been certified by ETO and recognized by PSE as a leader in efficiency. We’re proud to say our solutions consistently save energy while increasing production yields as either sole-source indoor or supplemental greenhouse lighting for both ETO and PSE customers.

By choosing Fluence solutions, cannabis growers across the US and Canada have already received more than $2.9 million dollars in utility rebates and incentives. Growers continue to save on monthly and annual operating costs while realizing better yields and plant quality as they unlock the full potential of growing under our LEDs. As an added benefit to partnering with Fluence, filing for an incentive with either ETO or PSE is also streamlined for an easy sign over, as Fluence works directly with clients and the Utility to apply the anticipated incentive against the up-front cost of the fixtures during this process. This ensures our clients immediately benefit from a reduced initial cost of the new LED lighting, and have complete peace of mind with no additional accounting paperwork to deal with after the initial purchase.

For more information, fill out the form below to have a Fluence representative contact you, or visit the Energy Trust of Oregon Trade Ally page or Puget Sound Energy certified contractor page for full details on incentives in your community.