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Fluence Cannabis Cultivation Guide

Cultivation guide for Cannabis in a commercial indoor or greenhouse facility

Fluence Cannabis Cultivation Guide

Editor’s note: Refer back to the Fluence blog for Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 for tips on how to cultivate cannabis.

While there is an art to delivering high-quality plant products to the market, there is most definitely a science to optimizing plant cultivation processes under high-intensity LED lighting.

To ensure cannabis growers are cultivating cannabis successfully, Fluence has partnered with experts we trust from across the horticultural industry. Experts from Dr. Greenhouse, The Hemp Mine, Bug Lady Consulting, as well as educators and consultants from across our network have lent their expertise to the creation of this guide. Through this collaboration, the industry has helped develop best practices and strategies to help improve the cultivation of cannabis in commercial growing facilities.

It is well understood that water, carbon dioxide and light are the three primary inputs which drive photosynthesis. However, it is important to remember photosynthesis is just the start of a plant’s growth and development process. Proper cultivation processes require a holistic view of the entire cultivation environment. While lighting is an integral part of the environment, HVAC, fertigation, irrigation, and many other factors need to be dialed in as well to make the most of a controlled growing environment.

Since commercial-scale cultivation of cannabis under high-intensity is being a relatively new process, the Fluence Cannabis Cultivation Guide offers the latest in best practices and cultivation tips. The guide includes strategies and critical set points for adjusting lighting, temperature, humidity, fertigation, as well as mitigating problematic environmental factors which can lead to the introduction of unwanted pests in your grow.

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