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Fluence Bioengineering Demonstrates Next-Gen LED Horticulture Systems at Indoor Ag-Con

LED Horticulture Lighting

Fluence Bioengineering Demonstrates Next-Gen LED Horticulture Systems at Indoor Ag-Con

LAS VEGAS – INDOOR AG-CON – April 04, 2016 – Fluence Bioengineering (formerly BML Horticulture) will demonstrate new and forthcoming LED-based lighting technology for the indoor and greenhouse horticulture industry at the 2016 Indoor Agriculture Conference (Ag-Con).

“The indoor agriculture market is on the forefront of food and floriculture innovation, yet has been stifled due to efficiency, performance and economic limitations of lighting,” said Nick Klase, Co-Founder and CEO of Fluence Bioengineering. “We are excited to demonstrate that is no longer the case, and enable a new wave of sustainable food and medicine production with our expanding portfolio of products and technologies.”

  • The first public showing of the company’s upcoming RAZR multi-layer lighting system designed to replace fluorescent light fixtures in horticulture applications for microgreens, leafy greens and cuttings. With a photon efficiency of 2.2 µmol/J, RAZR is 162 percent more energy efficient than comparable fluorescent lighting systems while providing 350 percent more photosynthetic photon flux (PPF)1. RAZR is slated for a Q2 2016 release.
  • The SPYDRx PLUS system, which delivers industry-leading PPF at 1,425 µmol/s and an average photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) of 909 µmol/m2/s over a 4’x4’ canopy when deployed at the recommended 6” mounting height from top of canopy. SPYDR is available now.
  • A preview of the upcoming VYPR lighting system for indoor and greenhouse environments. With photon output surpassing 1,000 µmol/s from a form factor just 2.5 inches wide, VYPRx PLUS is the first lighting system to provide a broad spectrum designed specifically to meet the needs in greenhouse environments. VYPR available Q2 2016.
  • PhysioSpec – A purpose-built spectrum designed for full-cycle, rapid plant growth from initiation to senescence by providing deeper canopy penetration, targeting more photoreceptors, including xanthophyll and carotenoids, and protecting chlorophyll from photo damage compared to all other light sources. PhysioSpec is available in various spectra tailored for indoor, greenhouse and propagation applications.

The 4th Annual Indoor Ag-Con held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Fluence Bioengineering will host demonstrations and have staff on hand to speak with attendees at booth #725.

In its fourth year, Indoor Ag-Con will focus on the technologies that drive the indoor agriculture industry, tailored toward corporate executives from the technology, investment, vertical and greenhouse farming, and its customer industries, along with hydroponic, aquaponic and aeroponic experts from all disciplines.


April 5-6, 2016

About Fluence Bioengineering

Fluence Bioengineering is a photobiology design organization exploring physiological plant development under various levels of photosynthetic and photomorphogenic responses. The company partners with leading research institutions to engineer the most powerful and efficient horticulture lighting solutions for both science and commercial applications. All Fluence systems are designed and built in Austin, TX. www.fluence-led.com


1Economic Analysis of Greenhouse Lighting: Light Emitting Diodes vs. High Intensity Discharge Fixtures. RAZR achieves 2.2 µmol/J in preliminary testing compared to the florescent lighting at .84 µmol/J.