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Taking on New Challenges

Taking on New Challenges

Today marks a milestone in Fluence Bioengineering’s history, as the original Build My LED brand was launched on September 28th, 2012 at an industry trade show in Dallas, TX.

Six years after we first launched the company, our team has evolved the brand and the focus of the company to create leading products and services – built on science, quality and trust – for the horticulture industry and a future in smart farming.

To ensure Fluence is best positioned for success in the global horticulture market, I have decided to move into a new role at Fluence. I have appointed Dave Cohen as CEO of Fluence, and I will move into a strategic advisory role focusing on research, innovation and portfolio strategy.

Dave has the experience and energy required to ensure Fluence succeeds, and I will be focused on ensuring we have the industry’s most innovative and impactful portfolio options with the Fluence R&D team.  I will continue to conduct experiments at customer facilities around the world, as this type of research is my true passion, and the autonomous nature of this new role will ensure our product innovation isn’t stifled by the daily demands of running the Fluence business.

I am looking forward to helping Fluence develop exciting product offerings, but I am even more excited to see the company thrive under Dave’s leadership.

Please join me in congratulating Dave on his promotion when you next see him, and I look forward to helping Fluence achieve our global growth goals. Together with OSRAM’s smart farming team, Fluence will further develop smart horticulture lighting, as well as sensing, software and service solutions for our global customers.