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Manipulating Flavor and Smell with Light

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Manipulating Flavor and Smell with Light

A recently released study conducted by Fluence and Döhler explores how lighting affects one of the most popular culinary herbs grown in greenhouses around the world, the sweet basil plant.

The delivery of potted sweet basil plants to grocery store shelves effectively enables consumers to have an abundant source of the beloved herb. Fluence lighting solutions already enable Peace Tree Farms and ECF Farmsystems to delight their customers with stout, robust and flavorful plants. Additionally, providing supplemental broad-spectrum light all year round ensures each of these growers are yielding more plants to ensure their customers always have healthy plants on their shelves.

We film our Innovator Spotlights to help demonstrate the health of the plants, but we felt it is also important to show what broad spectrum lighting can do to make a plant tasty as well. Anecdotally listening to how a plant will become stringy and less flavorful in too much shade is one thing, but we think being able to quantify how lights will make your basil distinct and more aromatic is an even better way to measure the performance of how LED lighting technology can help your business operations.

For more information on how Fluence scientists conducted the trial in partnership with Döhler, be sure to read our Science page here . If you would like to discuss how light spectra could achieve your cultivation goals, reach out to our Sales team here.